Who are we looking for?

Our people represent New Zealand locally  and overseas, and in doing so reflect our history, culture and values. Mātauranga (Māori 'knowledge) and te reo Māori are at the heart of our country, and central to our work and that of the wider public service. These elements are part of who we are and what makes us unique.

We want our people to represent the variety of interests and viewpoints of everyday New Zealanders. So, we’re interested in things that people might not ordinarily include in a job application, for example, involvement in community groups, representation on boards of trustees, learning other languages, and volunteer work.

We’re looking for people who can:

  • analyse information and make everyday decisions that match our priorities and values
  • demonstrate strong research and analysis skills
  • convey information and communicate ideas clearly
  • build relationships, work collaboratively and develop others
  • understand their strengths as well as limitations, their values and aspirations
  • manage personal workloads effectively and deliver the results required
  • demonstrate commitment to their organisation's values, goals, policies and procedures in all aspects of work.

We require our people to:

  • hold New Zealand citizenship, although New Zealand permanent residency may be sufficient for some roles
  • be able to get and maintain an appropriate security clearance

A career in foreign policy

Our foreign policy officers support the government in making decisions that affect New Zealand’s foreign affairs and trade with the rest of the world. This includes contributing to policy recommendations, analysing trends in international, political, trade and economic development, and helping to implement policy. The work is varies depending on the team  but usually includes a combination of researching, preparing, supporting activities such as official visits, and taking part in agency, regional and international meetings.

As a foreign policy officer, you'll have the opportunity to apply your knowledge, skill and expertise in a range of roles in Wellington and overseas at one of our embassies, high commissions, missions or consulates.

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Pacific and development careers

The Pacific and Development Group provides policy advice and manages the New Zealand Aid Programme. We aim to reduce poverty and to contribute to a more secure, equitable and prosperous world. The work varies depending on the team, but usually includes leading and managing activities including appraisal and monitoring, contract management, contributing to policy reform and the development of programme or country strategies, and relationship management with a range of partners.

Our development officers are interested in international development or humanitarian action and appreciate the principles of development effectiveness, including programme and budget management.

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Corporate roles

We also recruit people who specialise in human resources, finance, asset management, security, audit and risk, diplomatic protocol, media, communications, information management and technology, consular services and general administration. We also employ specialist advisers including lawyers, trade specialists and economists who require in-depth technical expertise in their relevant area.

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Other opportunities

We occasionally recruit for interns to work over the summer in Wellington. These opportunities are advertised on our Vacancies page.

It’s also possible to work for one of our embassies, high commissions, missions, or consulates as a lStaff Engaged at Post (SEAP). SEAP are employed on local terms and conditions in the associated country. These are advertised on our Vacancies page.

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